Pixie Park Policies

Pixie Park is a volunteer-run cooperative playground for children ages six and younger, located in Marin Art and Garden Center (MAGC), Ross, CA. Pixie Park provides a fun and safe space for children to play, and an opportunity for parents to meet other young families in the community. 

When enjoying Pixie Park, please remember:

  • Pixie Park is for children six and younger. Respectful older siblings are welcome too.

  • Children must always be accompanied and supervised by a parent or caregiver.

  • Pixie Park is for member families and their guests. Anyone is welcome to become a member.!

  • Your gate key / code is for your use only (or a caregiver while caring for your child). It is not to be lent to others, or duplicated. We all follow the honor system.

  • Please clean up after yourself. This is a cooperative park and everyone must take ownership in the maintenance.

  • In keeping with a cooperative nature, every member must volunteer at least two hours during a membership year. At the end of the year a fee of $35 per hour will be charged for any outstanding volunteer hours.

  • All Pixie members are eligible to use the birthday party area for a fee. 

  • You must have a reservation to host a group or meeting at Pixie Park. One free meeting will be permitted per year.

  • Pets, including well-behaved dogs, are not allowed in the park. No exceptions.

  • During the school year, preschoolers from the Garden School share the park with us (usually 11am - noon on weekdays).

  • Please be courteous and considerate of ongoing events at MAGC.  When a wedding or other event is taking place, please use the back entrance to Pixie Park.