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Your Volunteer Board & Committee Chairs

Board Members:

• Co-Presidents: Ashley Harris Fougner & David Allen-Hughes 

Vice President & Secretary: Carly South
Treasurer: Seton McAndrews
Lily Allen-Hughes
Alea Stein

Volunteer Committee Chairs:

• Operations Chair: Kendra Bolt
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair: Alea Stein (everyone is welcome at Pixie Park)

• Membership Co-Chairs: Clara Ditter & Lauren Kugelman
• Marketing Chair: Carly Smith Costello
• Social Co-Chair: Lily Allen-Hughes & Jordan Jaffee

Would you like to have more first-hand knowledge of what’s going on at the park, organize events, contribute new ideas? Sounds like the Pixie Park Board is perfect for you. You receive all your miscellaneous hours for the year.  More importantly, you can have fun and make a difference. If you’re interested or have questions, please contact the President at

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